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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Presidential Elections and State elections 2016

[READERS take note: Comments on processes or procedures or facts are welcome. This is NOT a forum to debate candidates. Any comment positive or negative posted in regards to a particular candidate will be deleted. This is an unbiased, non-partisan website. Thank you for your consideration.]

NOTE: During the Republican National Convention I will be posting updates, videos, etc. from the Convention. I will also be live most days on WILK radio (and hopefully a transcript will get posted to their website.) Please send any Convention related questions to me!

Know your delegates!

Once the PA election results are official we will post a list of all 54 elected delegates, and hopefully the alternates, with their contact information.

You should get in contact with your delegates as the Conventions approach and encourage them to vote correctly at the Convention, taking the popular vote into account.

You should also ask them to promise to not vote to change the rules at the convention! Your vote counts, don't let the "machine" rule the vote!