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Friday, February 21, 2020

Pennsylvania Delegates for Donald Trump

The 2020 Presidential election should prove interesting for both the Democrats and Republicans. In 2016 we presented all the delegates and their allegiances on this page. I am not sure where this project is headed this year.

I do know, however, that the Democrats are conspiring to keep Bernie Sanders out of the running, and that in Pennsylvania the GOP is looking turn the state blue again. There is also possibly a conspiracy to usurp Trump at the convention in August and put in another candidate (looking like Marco Rubio.)

The PA GOP set up a confidential list of delegates back in June of 2019. They were to be endorsed by the state  GOP and have all their expenses paid.

The 2016 Delegation and others have been working to kill this effort and put in place delegates who support Donald Trump.

The movement was set in place by turncoat Ted Christian and his cohort Bernie Comfort. They put the PA GOP National Committeeman, convicted felon and deep state globalist Bob Asher in charge of selecting the delegates. He also offered to pay all their expenses. Their goal it to see that Donald Trump does not win Pennsylvania, not for the benefit of the Pennsylvanian's, but for their own deep state nefarious purposes.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, those who wish to vote for Trump supporting delegates in Pennsylvania can find the list and those endorsed by the 2016 Delegation at:

More information to follow as available.

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